Employee Testimonials

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I applied at WSECU based off of a recommendation of a friend who also works here but at the LCUC branch. At the time I was coming out of my Walmart career as a manager. I have never been more blown away by a company. WSECU has exceeded my expectations and then some. I have never felt more welcomed in a job in my entire working life. I am surrounded by positive co-workers who are constantly pushing and motivating me to do better. WSECU takes care of their employees AND their members. I think this company as a whole is amazing and I am grateful every day that I have the opportunity to work here!
~Asha S., Contact Center – hired 2015

Working WSECU has been an incredible experience. As an organization, they work hard to keep their employees happy so that they will be able to help our members in the best possible way and WSECU certainly delivers. I feel appreciated, I feel respected and I feel I have the opportunities to grow within the company. They genuinely invest in your future, giving you the resources you need to find success. It is a privilege and an honor to say I work for WSECU and I love it when I hear an excited response back of “That’s my credit union, I love them!”
~Rachael J., Martin Way Branch – rehired 1/2015

WSECU is an organization that cares a great deal about the community, members, and employees. Between the education provided for those three groups, the events WSECU puts on, the employee benefits, opportunities for advancement, and a good deal more, WSECU makes it such a wonderful place to work with happy employees that care about the members, each other, and the organization.
~Travis P., Information Technology – hired 2010

My journey at WSECU started 16 years ago when I was looking for a “job.”  Unknowingly to me, WSECU has become a place that I would think of as a home away from home. Through this journey I have been fortunate to serve in a variety of roles. The leaders, past and present, in these roles have helped guide me to insights and solutions to help strengthen my team for their professional successes. With the support and encouragement of WSECU, I feel that my skills have flourished. WSECU is a place that encourages feedback, cultivates a learning environment and is just fun to work for. They care for their employees and the employee’s families which can be hard to find in companies. Every day I want to ensure that my passion for my job is being translated and passed to those I work with.
~Lisa B., Puyallup Branch – hired 2000

I’ve held seven positions at WSECU since starting in 2006 and I am a prime example of a company that invests in their employees by promoting within. WSECU is a company that operates with a positive attitude and has its priorities right. WSECU understands that if you invest in your employees’ success that the company and membership will reap the rewards. They maintain a culture that demonstrates high ethics and values as well as makes the employees feel appreciated, supported and proud of their work. I am proud to work at WSECU.
~Sarah H, Lacey Branch – rehired 2007

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